The Team

We’ve been on both sides of the fence. In other words, we’ve seen it all.

That’s in-house with Airbnb, Google, and Square. And agency-side with Huge and CP+B. We see big opportunity on both sides to shift how great work gets done. Which is why we’re here. We’re tapped into a wide network of—yeah, we’ll say it—the biggest badasses in the creative game. That goes for operations, marketing, communications, design, and storytelling.


WestCap is a blue chip investment fund led by former Airbnb and Blackstone CFO, Laurence "LT" Tosi. In collaboration with WestCap, we assemble the most nimble squads of best-in-class makers across every discipline, embedding them directly into WestCap portfolio teams. We move fast, we break boundaries, we build brands that get noticed, together.

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Alessandra Cuétara, Founding Partner, Marketing

Alessandra Cuétara

Founding Partner, Marketing

Alessa is a seasoned marketing executive with extensive experience launching and scaling consumer brands in new and emerging markets, as well as developing marketing programs that drive awareness, engagement, and ongoing usage.

In 2018, prior to co-founding CōLab in 2019, Alessa was the product marketing manager for Google Maps across its emerging markets, targeting its Next Billion Users (NBU). Before that, she spent three years on the global brand marketing team at Airbnb (2015-2018) launching global integrated campaigns in addition to spearheading the company’s emerging markets efforts. In June 2013, she earned her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, after which she spent two years at Starbucks (2013-2015) as the product manager for the packaged foods category.

Jason Mamaril, Founding Partner, Design

Jason ‘Jmama’ Mamaril

Founding Partner, Design

Jmama is an experienced executive creative director with extensive experience developing comprehensive brand systems and designing for digital platforms. He has set product and brand design language for some of the most well-known names in the Bay Area. He’s a rare hybrid of both worlds of design in that he’s led the way in product design as well as creating brand identities—building beautiful visual stories that stand out, and smart, seamless products that back those stories up.

Prior to co-founding CōLab in 2019, Jmama led design for new product launches at Airbnb, having joined the hospitality company in 2014 as one of its earliest designers. Before that, Jmama was a Design Lead at both Square (2012-2014), and at Huge (2010-2012). He started his career as a brand designer at Interbrand (2009-2010), after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

Larry Tosi, Culture Officer

Larry “Sketchola” Tosi

Culture Officer

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Laurence A. Tosi, Partner, Westcap

Laurence (“L.T.”) Tosi

Strategic Partner & Advisor
Managing Partner / Founder at WestCap

Over 25 years, L.T. has established a career as a distinctive operator, serial entrepreneur and forward-looking investor. As an operator, L.T. has served in executive-level roles at leading, global institutions Merrill Lynch (COO, CFO, Risk Committee, Head of Corp. Dev. and eCommerce), Blackstone (CFO, Management and Risk Committee Member, Head of the Innovations Fund and Blackstone Treasury Solutions fund) and Airbnb (CFO, Head of Payments, Customer Experience & Corporate Development). His tenure at each institution coincided with periods of their greatest innovation and transformational growth.

As an entrepreneur, L.T. was a founding partner or early investor behind several tech-enabled, disruptive businesses across e-commerce, private markets technology and cyber-security. During his time at Merrill and Blackstone, L.T. deployed ~$500M of capital, returning ~$1,600M (without ever taking a loss). As an individual investor, L.T. has managed his own portfolio of investments via a family office for over 25 years, which recently evolved into WestCap, an innovative investment and advisory platform. L.T.’s WestCap investments include early positions in fast-growing market leaders such as Ipreo (founder), (co-founder),, BreakingMedia, Point, Belong, Addepar, SpaceX, Viagogo, Oxford Nanopore, Sonder and Airbnb.

L.T. earned a BA, MBA, and JD from Georgetown University, where he now serves on the Board of Directors and on the Endowment Committee and has been a consistent supporter of scholarships through his foundation.

Allen Mask, Managing partner, Strategy & operations

Allen Mask

Managing Partner

Allen joined CōLab as Managing Partner in 2020 to lead the agency from seed to scale, with particular emphasis on Strategy and Operations. Allen is also an investment Partner at WestCap, CōLab’s strategic partner.

Prior to CōLab, Allen held several executive positions across Wall Street and Silicon Valley, including Sonos, where he was Chief of Staff to the CEO and Vice President of multiple divisions in Marketing, Partnerships and Research and Development. Before Sonos, Allen led Product Marketing at Airbnb and was a General Manager on Airbnb Experiences. Allen started his career in the Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs and is also a Google alumnus, having worked in a variety of sales, brand management and business development roles across Search, YouTube and Android.

Allen has a B.A. in Journalism and a double minor in Jazz Studies and Artistic Entrepreneurship from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Santa Barbara Symphony, the Sound Board at American Express and as Executive Chairman for his former startup creative agency, Camp Digital.