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Content strategy
UX/UI design
Art direction


Carbon capture technology is one of the most promising innovations in the fight against climate change. But, can we scale it quickly enough to save us all? The DeepSky team is up for the challenge. Their goal is to build a carbon capture facility the size of a small city in Canada, in partnership with government officials.

In order to assemble a stellar team and pursue critical partnerships, DeepSky needed to develop a digital presence. They partnered with CōLab to help design their first company website. Our goal was to design an inspiring homepage that captured their bold ambitions, while also grounding the project and making it feel attainable to prospective investors.


Content strategy

Our job was to distill a complicated problem and an even more complex solution into short, digestible beats. We pored over decks and documents to understand the reasons behind the carbon collapse and the technology that made DeepSky possible. Then, our writer worked hand-in-hand with DeepSky’s leadership to nail the information architecture and copy on each page.


Design & art direction

We designed the website with very minimal branding to ensure that it can grow with DeepSky as its brand evolves. Still, the website couldn’t be purely informational. DeepSky’s leadership wanted it to evoke a feeling of awe and wonder, harkening back to the days of early space travel. Our UX and Motion Designers worked closely with their Creative Director to explore many art directions, color palettes, and graphic elements. Together, we honed in on the right tone — futuristic, optimistic, and evocative.

The website had many different content modules, but we didn’t want it to feel dense. We used subtle interactions to serve content in a way that felt fluid and digestible to the reader, while also creating a more unique layout.


DeepSky’s new website is designed to grow with them. It offers an agile system that can easily expand to more pages — and be brought to life with the right imagery, paired with subtle animations. It strikes the perfect balance between form and function.


Collaboration at its finest

Special thanks to the DeepSky team:
Joost Ouwerkerk: CTO & Co-Founder
Fred Lalonde: Co-Founder
Carl Robichaud: Creative Director & 3D artist

CōLab team: Jason Mamaril, Gretchen Klotz, Vero Maldonado, Yu Rong