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Let’s face it, trying to lose weight can suck. We try the latest diet or exercise craze and blame ourselves when it doesn’t work out. Enter Found, a clinician-led weight care program that designs an approach that’s tailored to your individual biology and lifestyle. Rather than focus on one aspect of weight loss, Found integrates exercise, nutrition, emotional support, and the latest medications to deliver a personalized and comprehensive solution designed just for you.

In 2023, we worked with Found to tell their compelling story with a brand marketing campaign for their key markets. Starting with a :30 video that poked fun at some familiar fad weight loss approaches that don’t always work for everyone.


TV Spot

The key insight behind the Not for Every Body campaign was that one of the most frustrating parts of losing weight is that every body is unique. What worked for your friend or partner may do nothing for you, leaving you feeling like you failed. In an overhyped, emotional category, we wanted to take a lighthearted tone to break through and show people that maybe it wasn’t that they failed the diet, maybe the diet failed them. Partnering with Near Future and director Danielle Calodney, we developed a fast-paced and upbeat ode to joyfully failing weight loss fads and finding a more personalized approach with Found.


Digital Ads and Podcast 

We also told the story in digital display and podcast ad units, shooting original photography with Roger Kisby to flip the conventions of the category. No more before and after shots or crazy promises, but images of weight loss as it should be: as real, vibrant, and unique as you are.


Collaboration at its finest

Special thanks to the Found team:
Sarah Jones Simmer: CEO
Sean Lopano: Creative Director
Elizabeth Fuller: Brand Marketing

Special thanks to our Production Partners at Near Future:
Danielle Calodney: Video Director
Roger Kisby: Photographer
Media by Mother

CōLab team: Brian Wakabayashi, Maria Hwang, Diane Chour, Salih Abdul-Karim, Kyle Macy, Yu Rong, Veronica Maldonado, Chris Callahan, Leejay Abucayan, Andy Holdeman, David Roth, Ben Chute, Sadhika Johnson, Michelle Ha, Erick Kwiecien