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Hopper Cloud

Hopper is a travel booking platform where travelers can find the best prices. It leverages AI technology that predicts prices up to 1 year in advance. Hopper Cloud is the B2B product that supports Hooper’s third party partners to sell travel and travel fintech. CōLab was asked to create the Hopper Cloud webpage where potential partners could learn about this product.


The challenge: Hopper was in the midst of growing their internal creative team, so CōLab had to step in to support their Head of Strategy. Our job was to help them lay the groundwork for the Hopper Cloud product launch, and then pass the baton back once their team was hired. We had to be nimble and quickly wrap our heads around a product that was still in development.


We built the overall framework and layout for the landing pages in partnership with the Head of Strategy. The final deliverable was a sitemap and set of wireframes where they could easily plug in updated messaging.


Collaboration at it’s finest

Special thanks to the Hopper team:
Ben Walters: Head of Strategy
Brianna Schneider: Director of Communications
David Freiman: Director of Software Development
Ellie Breslin: PR manager
Thomas Fitzpatrick: Creative Director and illustrator

CōLab team: Yu Rong, Jason Mamaril, Gretchen Klotz