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Hunt Club

Since 2014, Hunt Club has been working revolutionize the world of recruiting. While traditional recruiters were still relying on their personal Rolodex and cold emails, Hunt Club built a network for over 20,000 industry leaders who could provide a personal connection between hard-to-reach candidates and exciting professional opportunities. This technology worked 6-8X faster and delivered candidates who otherwise wouldn’t have been on the market.

As a brand leading an industry paradigm shift, Hunt Club needed a brand identity to match. They still looked and felt more like a scrappy startup than the gamechanger they had become. We set out to build a new identity to convey the traits that drove their success, values like trust, warmth, aspiration, and prestige.


First, we worked closely with the team to refine the brand story. Rather than talking about their technology enabled network, we focused on the human truths that drove it. Many of the jobs Hunt Club filled were new roles that required rare candidates. These sought-after professionals ignored cold emails, but warm introductions from the proprietary network broke through. This meant that they could connect people and organizations in a way that other recruiters can’t, giving both a chance to change their path forward. This was the story. Hunt Club helps companies and candidates find their future.


This idea lead us to the creation of Hunt Club's new logo. It marks a turning point in their brand journey, symbolizing their purpose by seamlessly blending two complementary concepts. The bridge aspect of the H in their wordmark showcases their ability to connect companies with the most sought-after talent, while the door represents their unparalleled ability to match candidates with premier job opportunities. Both represent a path to a brighter future.


Every brand element was created to highlight the human aspect of Hunt Club, putting people first and reinforcing the diversity of their community. We refined their messaging to give it more dimension, elevating it to sound like the best recruiter you've ever had. Similarly, we set out to refresh Hunt Club's brand photography and focused it on the people in their community using portraiture that felt natural and in-situation, similar to how Nike spotlights their elite athletes. This photography can be contained in the library of various shapes that we created to reinforce the idea that every candidate is unique and special.


Our collaboration with the Hunt Club team was a team effort from the outset, resulting in a brand identity that felt at once new and familiar. They now represent a bridge to what’s next and a doorway to new opportunities, an invitation to both companies and candidates to find their future.


Collaboration at its finest

Special thanks to the Hunt Club team:
Nick Cromydas: Co-Founder and CEO

Amanda Price: VP of Marketing
Kenna Flanders: Senior Designer
Morgan Lichtenstein: Director of Content and Communications

CōLab team:
Jason Mamaril, Brian Wakabayashi, Mishaal Abbasi, Kyle Macy, Yu Rong, Gretchen Klotz, Salih Abdul-Karim, Gabby Cox