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Sharegain was at a crossroads. They were a fast-growing Fintech in Israel landing lucrative contracts with global leaders in finance, about to expand into the US market. They realized their brand identity didn’t reflect their newfound stature. Working with CōLab, Sharegain set out to rethink their mission, vision, and future as a company. Their goal is to democratize access to financial tools like securities lending that were previously only available to the wealthiest investors.

CōLab completed a series of interviews with the Sharegain team and conducted several narrative and design workshops. We realized that their purpose was bigger than securities lending: they saw a future where anyone can unlock more value from the things they owned. We landed on an idea big enough to encapsulate their dreams, yet direct enough to move their business forward: Earn Your Share. Both a brand idea and call to action, it captured the ardent confidence the Sharegain team was looking for.


Previous company brand identity

This led us to create a new logo and brand design system that aimed to be confident, transparent, and committed to openness. The new Sharegain logo embodies the essence of their business model, where a coin has two sides, representing the lender and the borrower. To capture this, we designed the logo to twist and turn, symbolizing Sharegain’s commitment to helping clients maximize their portfolio potential. As the coin twists, it forms the letter "S," reinforcing their name.


With this new visual identity, Sharegain was ready for their next phase of growth into new markets. Their first step was to redesign their website and social media presence incorporating the new logo, color palette, and typography. Donning their “new suit” as CMO and co-founder Liad Amit called it, Sharegain was ready make a bigger impact in the financial industry, helping anyone unlock value from the things they own.


The collaboration between Sharegain and CōLab has resulted in a brand that embodies their ambitions and commitment to democratizing the securities lending market. Most importantly, the new brand identity unlocked Sharegain’s ambitions. As Director of Marketing Markus Coleman put it, “Now the real fun starts.” With a clear vision and renewed identity, Sharegain is ready to take on the future with confidence.


Collaboration at its finest

Special thanks to the Sharegain team:
Boaz Yaari: Co-founder, CEO
Liad Amit: Co-founder, CMO
Markus Coleman: Marketing Director
Michelle Van Eck: Marketing Associate
Fiona Hanley: Digital Content Manager
Ebba Brasch: Social Media Manager
Diva Zucker: Web Developer

CōLab team: Kyle Macy, Yu Rong, Veronica Maldonado, Steve Stafford, Gretchen Klotz, Salih Abdul-Karim, Gabby Cox, Chris Callahan, Brian Wakabayashi, Jason Mamaril