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We called the design concept “Weave-in”. We were inspired by the Zip solution, which is like an intelligent fiber that can weave into different systems. It can seamlessly integrate into the procurement process for all company sizes. Based on this, we created the logo which is composed of weave-in stripes. We used different grayscales to convey Zip’s confident, bold, and straightforward attributes. "Approval" is one of the key elements of Zip's business. So we included green as the supporting brand color to bring the approval messaging.


We collaborated with the team to develop a flexible set of product and brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all user touchpoints that could evolve with the company as they expand into new markets and services. Our work alongside the internal team redesigning the core renter user experience on Boatsetter.com resulted in a 45% increase in product conversion.


Collaboration at it’s finest

Special thanks to the Sonder team:
Francis Davidson: Co-founder & CEO
Matt Judge: VP, Design and Experience
Nicholas Vitiello: Senior Product Manager
Jim Nist: Senior Engineering Manager
Courtney Song : Design Manager
Ryan Scott: Brand Designer
Kevin Hsieh: Director of Product Design
Stéphane Colas: Director of Product Management
Stephanie Collet Zureich: General Manager, Munich
Julia Doan: Product Designer
Amy Bebbington: Brand Operations Lead
Sarah Hunter: Photography Operations Lead
Eueddem Kim: Senior Software Engineer
Ryan Mcdonald: Senior Software Engineer

CōLab team: Ben Chute, Yu Rong, Liza Dunning, Jason Mamaril